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XR Guru Unveils Enterprise Package on Marketplace

December 05, 2022

Enhancing Safety Training with Immersive Lessons

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Dec 05, 2022) - XR Guru, the immersive learning hub, has announced the launch of its inaugural enterprise package on the XR Guru Marketplace. This groundbreaking offering introduces a series of 30 immersive safety lessons, designed to supplement OSHA 10 training programs

In response to the growing demand for innovative safety training solutions, XR Guru's latest release promises to revolutionize workplace safety education. Leveraging virtual reality (VR) technology, these lessons provide an unparalleled level of engagement and interactivity, enabling employees to experience realistic scenarios in a controlled environment

"We're thrilled to introduce our first enterprise package tailored specifically for enhancing safety training," said CEO Ranjith Yengoti. "By integrating immersive experiences into traditional learning frameworks, we aim to elevate safety education to new heights, fostering a culture of awareness and preparedness within organizations."

The comprehensive package covers a diverse range of safety topics, from hazard identification to emergency response protocols, offering a dynamic learning experience that resonates with modern learners. Participants can navigate through virtual environments and practice critical decision-making skills.

XR Guru launched in 2021 focusing on science education for middle school and high school students. While starting with nearly 400 science lessons aimed at education users, the request for safety lessons from construction and manufacturing enterprises could not go unanswered. In addition to augmenting existing training programs, XR Guru's enterprise package empowers organizations to adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards. By embracing immersive technologies, companies can enhance employee safety, mitigate risks, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

For more information about XR Guru's enterprise package and other immersive learning solutions, visit

About HoloPundits

HoloPundits is an immersive technology company with deep expertise across the entire spectrum of AR, VR, and mixed reality. With a focus on education and enterprise solutions for multiple sectors including healthcare, manufacturing and insurance, Holopundits enthusiastically pursues new business opportunities enabled by the immense potential of these new technologies.

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