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XR Guru provides off-the-shelf enterprise training and development solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and healthcare.

Manufacturing Manufacturing

Leverage Extended Reality (XR) to lower costs, increase productivity, and improve quality and safety.

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Construction Construction

Train and onboard faster, reduce costs, enhance safety outcomes, and boost engagement.

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Healthcare Healthcare

Enhance training effectiveness, practice high-risk procedures, and boost confidence with XR.

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Workforce Workforce

Develop skills, enhance retention and boost employee engagement through immersive training.

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Students & Families

Leverage Extended Reality (XR) to enhance learning outcomes, improve memory retention, and accelerate learning.

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Educators & Institutions

Leverage XR to create engaging, immersive, and interactive educational environments for students and educators.

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Risk-Free Environment

Risk-Free Environment

Simulate dangerous and complex scenarios without the real-world risks.

Elevated Engagement

Elevated Engagement

Experiential learning or learn-by-doing increases confidence and boosts engagement.

Learning Effectiveness

Learning Effectiveness

XR training improves memory retention, comprehension, and proficiency.

Immersive Experiences

lmmersive Experiences

Realistic, interactive, and memorable learning and training content.

Reduced Training Costs

Reduced Training Cost

Speed up onboarding, reduce costs and streamline training organization-wide.



Tailor training experiences to varying skill levels and learning paces.

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Comprehensive Career Exploration

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Pneumatic Handheld Tools

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Discover Why People Choose XR Guru


Having the students be able to see some of the cell structures in three dimensions. gives the students some new perspective. I thought the modules were great in the video/audio instruction was concise and clear .

Jonathan Richardson

Jonathan Richardson Dublin City Schools


The VR environment is amazing.

Maggie Robinson

Maggie Robinson Prosper Independent Schools


XR Guru allows for students to become immersed in lessons through technology.

Caitlin Duffy

Caitlin Duffy Delaware City Schools


Virtual reality lessons have unlimited possibilities. Not only are they helpful for students to reaffirm their understanding, but also the students who struggle to comprehend will increase tremendously in their comprehension. To immerse these students inside the chromosome or inside the membrane brings these concepts upfront and allows students to 'be a part' of science.

Sara Quart

Sara Quart Worthington Schools


The simulations/modules available for Biology and Chemistry students through XR Guru. are sure to offer an "other worldly" experience. The information presented comes alive right in front of your eyes and gives students the opportunity to interact with scientific concepts in a very personal way. Having investigations available in this format is a way to provide differentiation or enrichment opportunities to meet the needs of diverse learners in your classroom.

Natalie Rosin

Natalie Rosin St. Charles Schools


The modules I reviewed on the Oculus the visuals were excellent. The 3D view enhanced the experience.

Elyce Hill

Elyce Hill Palm Beach Schools

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