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Kentucky Department of Education’s contracted with Holopundits to deploy the largest school district-led VR deployment

January 20, 2024

The largest school district-led VR deployment

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jan 20, 2024) - In the Fall of 2023, Kentucky Department of Education’s contracted with Holopundits to deploy the largest school district-led VR deployment ever.

In less than two weeks, the Holopundits team unboxed, provisioned and delivered 2,450 Meta Quest 2 headsets to Kentucky education institutions.

The project was spearheaded by Dr. Shannon Putman Ph.D, an esteemed special education teacher and VR expert with over a decade of classroom experience. Starting with just 50 Oculus Gos and growing to 2,450 Meta Quest 2s, she paved the way for the future of VR education across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

This initiative provides VR-based learning to Kentucky high schools, career technical education centers, and special education programs.

The Launch

A team approach made this project launch a success. Holopundits worked with ManageXR and selected content partners to preinstall content so schools would receive headsets ready to use.
Content partners include:

  • XRGuru provided content including human anatomy and a boom lift operations and safety experience.
  • CareerView XR provided immersive career exploration platform and videos, including job site field trips.
  • XReps provided a gamified football-based cognitive drills.
  • ENGAGE provided a virtual campus for students to virtually meet and collaborate in real time.

By selecting Meta Quest 2 as the device, and ManageXR as the device management platform, Dr. Putman and Holopundits developed a deployment plan that included onboarding, ongoing training, and technical support.

All partners have been valuable in helping with this deployment and ensuring end users feel supported whether they are VR beginners or experts.

Dr. Putman and the educators of Kentucky focused on deploying to their career technical centers with a second phase slated for Spring 2024 to special education groups.

This initiative showcases the potential of VR in the classroom and emphasizes the importance of adapting teaching methods to meet the needs of every student.

About HoloPundits

HoloPundits is an immersive technology company with deep expertise across the entire spectrum of AR, VR, and mixed reality. With a focus on education and enterprise solutions for multiple sectors including workforce, healthcare, manufacturing and construction. Holopundits enthusiastically pursues new business opportunities enabled by the immense potential of these new technologies.

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